Was it me?

President George W Bush of the United States of America

There was an article in the Telegraph entitled How British and American conservatives united to stop Bush endorsing the EU constitution as favour to Blair” and a part of it says:

President Bush’s speech to European leaders last week was toned down at the last moment to avoid giving his support to the proposed EU constitution, after a strenuous lobbying campaign by conservative activists in Washington.

A few weeks ago I looked at the US State Department’s website, hoping for an e-mail address. There weren’t any – but I did find a form where I could submit my comments.

I wrote saying that, if the new constitution is ratified it would mean that Britain would have less than a 5% say in their foreign affairs. I also added a few references where they could go and look for themselves.

It was quite a long message and, at the end of it, I said “You must now wonder about the other 95% of the people voting on foreign policy and ask yourself if you trust the other Europeans to allow Britain to officially support you”.

I never had a reply and thought that some officious bastard had probably scrapped my message.

But did they? Did I actually have a sway on American Policy? Little me, sat slaving over a hot computer in West Finchley?

I will never, dear reader, ever know!

And it’s that which is so bloody frustrating!


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