Ideal Home Exhibition

I went to the Ideal Home Exhibition in Earls Court yesterday… Yes, I know it starts today but that is just for the genera public!

After a hot cup of coffee in the press room I grabbed my trusty camera and wandered around the exhibition. I have been to better ones, but this was years and years ago. The show is just not the same any more.

Circular couch – Photo by Andrew Taylor

The first product I liked was this circular couch. It was pretty big and there would be no way even a seven foot man could recline against the cushions without his feet still being on the couch. However if you separated the bits in the middle, all is revealed and it opens up to multiple seating with a poof in the middle.

I must admit, on looking at the photograph again, I could certainly be comfortable reclining on that. Ahem! I think it is time to move on…

New on-road fun vehicle – Photo by Andrew Taylor

This is called the QPod. But apart from being a fun vehicle, it can also have it’s serious uses.

For example, the ‘Plod Pod’ has been in use with Devon & Cornwall Constabulary and the Dorset Police and is now on trial with other Police Forces in the UK.

The standard specification of the police vehicle is complete with full livery, additional electrical system, audible warning and high visibility lights. In this configuration, it is ideal for traffic control, community policing and patrolling off-road, particularly in coastal and environmentally sensitive areas. And some fire brigades are also using it.

Which tells us that it is a serious ad well as a fun vehicle. Details at but I will warn you that the company are stupid enough to use extortionately priced 0870 telephone numbers for their sales office. Doors and a roof are counted as accessories but what the hell!

Prices range from just over £3,000 to around £4,500 and Londoners may be interested to know that it does not qualify for the Congestion Charge!

I did see a company who were showing a video of their underground car port or garden shed. These were buried under the ground and, with the car port, if you pressed a radio controlled switch in your car when, say, a block away, the port would rise out of the ground and you would drive into it and it would lower.

You would then walk into the house from below. If you have a Ferrari or Porsche and live in a risk city like Los Angelese, or Johannesburg, or even some parts of London, it would be an ideal way of keeping body and car safe.

Including installation, you are talking around £24,000 and you can also watch the video here.

24-in-one ladder – Photo by Andrew Taylor

I must mention the Little Giant Ladder which is a multifunctional adjustable ladder with a massive 24 possible positions! and is made from aircraft grade aluminium.

I watched as Afrikaans born 6’4″ Chervonne, from Welkom in the (Orange) Free State demonstrated this amazing ladder – unfortunately unless you go to the exhibition you will have to watch the video on a UK sales site which I have linked here. Or you can go direct to the American manufacturers site at

At around £200, considering the way it has been made, it really is a reasonable price.

I am sure that it will be not only the only ladder you will ever need, but the smallest ladder you could have to store in your garden shed. But make no mistake, this seems to be an industrial product, not just a home product.

Finally, for this short blog, I will leave you with a little something extra…

Usama Bin Laden’s new home? –– Photo by Andrew Taylor

Well, it is built into a mountain side… But this, I believe is a Spanish mountainside–and they have made full use of the mountain to build what turned out, after I had walked through, to be a very attractive home!


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