Muslim dress victory

I watched the events unfold when the schoolgirl decared that not being allowed to wear her muslim whatever was anti her human rights and now that she has won her case, I neither felt anger nor pleasure. I really don’t have any views either way in this case.

What I don’t like is any nationality or sect in Britain who refuse to mix with the British.

Now most of us know that there is probably not an Anglo-Saxon of pure blood anywhere in the world. We are a nation of past foreigners who have come to these islands and have adopted our customs and mixed in. Even the very English Boris Johnson has a Turkish grandfather!

Not only are Muslims flooding to these islands, but we have Africans, Eastern Europeans and many others. All those who mix in – you know, the intelligent ones – should be made welcome. Those who refuse to adopt our life and customs should not be welcome because – in the long run – they will cause the total collapse of our way of life.

During my travels around London I meet many Muslims, Africans and Eastern Europeans who have assimilated into our way of life and I only think of them as British. The others, who refuse to have anything to do with our culture I think of them as Muslims, Africans or Eastern European. Those with strict religions who still manage to mix in but also to retain their own traditions and culture are helping all of us! This is good as it brings fresh ideas into our rather jaded “I want” culture.

Anyway, going back to my original theme, I must admit, when I heard she was going to sue the school for as much money she could get, I changed my mind and began to dislike her intensely, and even had a tinge of hatred for her.

Schools are so strapped for cash than even parents are having to club together to buy schoolbooks. We know that our legal professional will bend over backwards to make sure she gets thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. Who will suffer? Our school children, the future of our civilisation. If she was an English girl of many generations in this country I would call her a selfish heartless child. But if she is a “new” English person fresh to these shores – or parents who are fresh to these shores, then perhaps she hasn’t thought things through? Or maybe it is her father egging her on to claim “compensation” from a school that may be forced to close down if it can’t find the blood money?

We have a large muslim population in Cape Town and the people there are lovely and gentle. Nobody ever feels threatened or offended by these gentle people. We South African whites are “claimed” to be horrible racist people so why is it that Muslims in the Cape are so nice and pleasant and liked so much, whereas those in Britain seem so over assertive all the time.

Perhaps the school should never have let matters go so far?

You tell me…


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