Smoking more than kills

You know it makes sense

There is a new report out on the British Medical Councils website which states:

New calculations in the report estimate that:

  • around 120,000 men aged 30-50 are impotent because of smoking
  • every year smoking is implicated in around 1,200 cases of malignant
    cervical cancer
  • smoking is linked to around 3-5,000 miscarriages every year

The report also concludes that:

  • women who smoke take longer to conceive: the chances of conception
    are reduced by up to 40% per cycle
  • men and women who smoke may have a poorer response to fertility treatment

If that is not bad enough, you can go to the Tobacco Fact File site where you can get all the facts published by the medical fraternity, including:

Smoking kills around 120,000 people in the UK each year. Most of smokers die from the three main diseases associated with smoking: lung cancer; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (bronchitis and emphysema) and coronary heart disease.

And this morning we learn that thirty people die every day because of the selfish attitude of the smoking public. I am referring to passive smoking. This latest study shows that eleven times more people are dying from passive smoking than previously thought.

This research shows that more than 11,000 Britons die every year from passive smoking.

This means that, if you are one of those thoughtless bastards who smoke in public you are ending the life, perhaps of a beautiful young child, or a mother who has children to look after, or a breadwinning father of five! But then, you couldn’t care less could you? Mind you, with a bit of luck, this will be your own child, or spouse or parent. I will feel sorry for those deaths but I must admit, I will laugh out aloud at your misfortune! I say this because the research, by the British Medical Journal states that 2,700 people die each year from passive smoking in their homes!

If it wasn’t the deaths of people from passive smoking, and smokers only killed themselves, I would be happy to allow them to continue to smoke. For the same reason as people die from alcohol and drugs. This is the way society weeds out the weak. And before you hit the roof over my lack of compassion, study nature. Nature has always destroyed the weak and allowed the strong to build on their strength. You see it everywhere in the animal kingdon and you see it in the plant kingdom. And are we not only animals who have a bigger brain?

Here’s something to ponder on…

You are staring death in the face…


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