Smile and the world smiles with you.

SMILE: The Armstrong Triplets with their A Levels

The London Metro have a little article on smiling yesterday.

I must admit, often when I walk down the road smiling, other people smile back automatically. Alas when they catch themselves doing it they quickly blank their expression – probably because they fear I may be a nut!

But is is surprising just how easily people are willing to smile back.

Anyway, the Metro article says…

Smile… it’s worth more than money

FOR a quick thrill, it’s better than shopping, chocolate or even sex.

Seeing a smile is the most effective way to get a short-term high, according to new research.

Volunteers wired up to heart and brain monitors responded better to pictures of happy grins than when they ate chocolate or were given cash.

Of course, it depended on who was smiling. While photos of a friend or loved one cheered them up, seeing a grinning Tony Blair or Prince Charles had little effect. Shame.

How often do you smile?

Unfortunately, smiling isn’t quite like riding a bike. If you don’t do it for a long time it is almost impossible to get back into the habit.

I don’t mean that you won’t be able to smile, Hand’s up all those who saw Crocidile Dundee II? Do you remember the Aboriginal gentleman who came to help Paul Hogan in the bush… but yours will not be spontaneous and natural if you don’t continually practice! But somehow I think Ernie will never lose the art of smiling…

Take a bow Mr Ernest “Ernie” Dingo.

Ernie Dingo, Australian Actor.

And going back to our first photo of those three pretty and very talented youg ladies…

The triplets, all from Truro in Cornwall, sent off their applications to several universities separately and were very happy when they were all accepted for Cambridge University.

Lil will be studying medicine at Selwyn College. Helen will be studying Law at Corpus Christie College. And Kate will be studying Natural Sciences at Trinity College.

They thought it boring at school all being in the same class but at sixth form college where they each atteneded separate lectures, they admit to enjoying each others company much more. “We have got closer the more time we spent apart” said Helen Armstrong.

And interesting enough there was another photograph of them in the Metro yesterday.

Smile: The Armstrong triplets – watch out Cambridge

When they arrive at Cambridge the twins are hoping to do a little modelling and are appearing in a student fashion show. Joining them on the Catwalk will be Allegra, Vanessa Feltz’s daughter. I hope Allegra is a little slimmer than Mom!


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