Security and weight at the airport

Will this really save us?

What a bloody nonsence all this is. They will confiscate your two inch nailfile but you can go to the duty free and buy a litre of vodka, then on the plane you can smash it on someones head, grab a member of the plane staff, threaten them with the jagged edges. I mean, I ask you – would you prefer me to come at you with a two inch nailfile or a broken jagged litre bottle?

Don’t the authorities all know what we have known for ages? That a terrorist will have airport staff take their bombs and guns onto the plane and hide them so the wicked terrorist can go smiling through airport security?

Aren’t they all bloody daft? Including the politicians? These terror laws! What a fiasco in parliament at the moment!

And then there is your luggage weight. Why should an unhealthy person, who ignores their diet and stuffs their mouths in McDonalds have the same advantages over luggage weight as a slim healthy person who watches their diet carefully?

I think, when you check in, you should be weighed, together with your luggage and then, if you are over an allowance of 120 kilos inclusive, then you pay extra for your weight. That allows for 264 lbs or just under 19 stone.

Where’s the sun then?… … BANG!

This will probably get the security services breaking down my door at four o’clock tomorrow morning! They really seem that silly!


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