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Wedgwood but no Ben

Sample of Wedgwood – Photo by Andrew Taylor

Not a lot to upset me this weekend. Pam and I went to a quaint little museum in Hendon called the Church Farmhouse museum. We are “friends of the Church Farmhouse” and my wife is on the committee.

Anyway friends get invited to special viewings throughout the year for free and these occasions take the form of a short talk, a walk around the museum and a free lunch. Those of you wiser amongst us know there is not such a thing as a free lunch and you are right. We pay £12 a year between us and only get four or five “double” lunches for our money! But we aren’t complaining!

A corner of the luncheon table – Photo by Andrew Taylor

The Wedgwood Society of Great Britain is based in London and arranged the loan of a huge amound of their items. To give you an example, I took around eighty photographs and did not cover everything. I was worried that the wine may have run out. And it had!

Glasses with hollow stems – photo by Andrew Taylor

I took some photographs of the exhibition where I was amazed to find all the things that Wedgwood have made over the years including some beautiful glass and some fantastically light and fragile tea sets.

Delicate Wedgwood – Photo by Andrew Taylor

I really like attending the friends lunches as all the people as so friendly. This is, I assure you – dear reader – rather unusual to find if you live in the great metropolis!

After the viewing we went on to Brent Cross where my wife spent hundreds of pounds on new clothes! And the two very charming ladies who were serving actually made me feel really happy about it. They managed to nulify the pain completely! One was a lovely – more mature woman – an Israeli who outranked me as she had reached “Sergeant” in her army, whereas I had only reached “Corporal” in mine! The other lady was born in England but was originally from Ghana. Much younger, petite and very gorgeous!

“Behave yourself Andrew…” … … … … “yes dear!”

Click on the link below my sign-out for the Manufacturer’s website.



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