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Boots gave us a £10 voucher

And the condition was that we should buy electrical equipment.

So off we went to Brent Cross last Sunday afternoon where my wife purchased a Braun electric toothbrush has her existing one was at the end if it’s life. We bought a middle range one which was around £49 less the ten pound voucher of course.

On paying, we were given yet another voucher and I needed to replace my Braun electric shanver. But these were more expensive… £184.99 for the very latest 8595 Activator. So I shopped around on the Internet when we got home as I thought I could get a better deal there.

Braun Activator

After a little look around and having got advice from my friend in Nottingham, I tried and found they were doing an excellent deal. £149.50 including free Special Delivery postage and a free Wahl Wonder Hygenic Nose & Ear Hair Clipper worth £5.99!

Well that was an offer I found hard to refuse, although I can assure you, I wasn’t tempted by the free Wahl Wonder Hygenic Nose & Ear Hair Clipper!

The Braun blurb, for those interested, reads as follows…

The Activator is Braun’s latest top of the range

  • New foil designed to capture hair at whichever direction it grows
  • Smart Logic System helps to reduce the wear and tear on rechargeable cells
  • Activator Mains and Rechargeable system
  • Shaving System utilising vibrating head assembly for 3D cutting motion
  • Shaving head pivots to follow the contours of your face
  • Includes Activator Charging
  • Cleaning Base Automatically selects charging requirements and best out of 3 cleaning modes
  • Alcohol based cleaning fluid
  • Hygenic and convenient, easily cleans away shaving debris and auto dries afterwards
  • For travel the shaver may be plugged directly into power cord
  • Shaver operates using automatic 100 to 240 Volts
  • One hour charge for up to 50 minutes shaving
  • Pop up trimmer
  • Multi Function LCD Display giving charging and cleaning status
  • Comes with storage case, cleaning brush and shaver stand (clean and charge system)
  • High quality top of the range metal all silver finish

So I clicked on the “Buy” button and made my purchase. It was around 7:00pm on a Sunday so I thought, they will action this first thing Monday morning and I should, with a bit of luck, get it by the end of the week.

Well, the first part was correct. They certainly did action the order first thing Monday morning. They must have. Because the shaver was delivered very first thing on Tursday morning. 7:50am to be exact!

Well done Credit where it is due.

But I need a bad supplier soon as I am running out of ranting material! Too many companies being praised will ruin my reputation!



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