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Buying on the Internet

Good heavens… I ordered a camera grip for my Minolta (allowing extra battery power as well), on the Internet from InternetDirect and guess what? I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon and yet again, it arrived by eight am the following day.

This is what will guarantee the respective companies success. OK, it was a £145 item which they were selling for £129 but it is not that but the next day delivery that is important to so many people nowadays.

The Internet has created a “I want it yesterday” philosophy. You take a few seconds to find a shop on the net, a few seconds more to make your purchases and, once again, guess what? You are now accustomed to waiting seconds. Who is going to wait 28 days for delivery – often promised by the catalogue companies?

I think that the catalogue people’s days are over now, unless they start buying in the products before they sell them – and therefore being able to offer next day deliveries.



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The British Declaration of Independence

The following is a report received on the earlier South Molton Declaration:-

The success of a similar declaration at the 2001 General Ellection

Of the candidates who signed the South Molton Declaration at the 2001 General Election, the most successful MP received 18,000 votes. Many Declaration Candidates came close to being elected but for the intervention of UKIP. If Roger Knapman of UKIP for example had not stood against the Conservative candidate in North Devon then the Declaration Candidate would have regained that seat for the Conservatives and for the principles of Democratic Sovereignty.

The three candidates who did the most advertising of the fact that they had signed (all Conservative) obtained swings to them of 5.9%, 6.1% and 5.1% (the average swing to Conservatives nationwide was only 1.8%).

Signatories came from across the party spectrum including Liberal Democrats whose party believes officially in the opposite of national self-government! A number of candidates of different parties reconsidered the Declaration after the election and several sitting MPs then registered their support. In all some 100 MPs or Candidates either signed or indicated their full support without signing.

We corresponded with hundreds of candidates. The SMD Campaign had 95,000 hits on our website, distributed 60,000 leaflets nationwide and had a letter of support from Margaret Thatcher the United Kingdom’s most distinguished former Prime Minister.

A MORI Poll was commissioned which had the following devastating results:

  • 30% of all voters would switch their vote to another candidate who had signed if their own party’s candidate refused to sign the Declaration.
  • A further 12% of ALL voters would NOT VOTE AT ALL if their own candidate refused to sign.
  • An extraordinary 55% of Conservatives would not vote for their preferred candidate (40% would swithch to a candidate who had signed and 15% to “would not vote”) if their candiate did not sign.
  • No fewer than 72% of younger Conservative voters (age 18-24) would either vote for a different candidate who had signed (40%) or would not vote (32%) if their preferred candidate did not sign.
  • 34% of Labour voters would either vote for a different candidate who had signed (24%) or would not vote (10%)
  • 41% of Liberal Democrat voters would either vote for a different candate (31%) or would not vote (10%) if their own candidate did not sign.

The small turnout of 59% of the electorate (a 14% drop on the 1997 Election) shows how people refuse to vote for those who refuse to govern. This is a vindication of the Constitutional Democratic Campaign.

OK, so I used to belong to the UK Independence Party, and now I belong to Veritas. But here is a chance for the majority of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats who really love their politicians to vote for the UK retaining their democracy by either voting for their MPs only if their MPs have signed the South Molton Declaration. Or of there is nobody they approve of, abstaing.

A majority of these MPs in Parliament might ensure we don’t lose what little sovereignty we have left.

I personally think it is a good thing and when I go to vote at the coming General Election I will look only at, and chose from, those MPs who have signed the declaration!


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