Buying on the Internet

Good heavens… I ordered a camera grip for my Minolta (allowing extra battery power as well), on the Internet from InternetDirect and guess what? I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon and yet again, it arrived by eight am the following day.

This is what will guarantee the respective companies success. OK, it was a £145 item which they were selling for £129 but it is not that but the next day delivery that is important to so many people nowadays.

The Internet has created a “I want it yesterday” philosophy. You take a few seconds to find a shop on the net, a few seconds more to make your purchases and, once again, guess what? You are now accustomed to waiting seconds. Who is going to wait 28 days for delivery – often promised by the catalogue companies?

I think that the catalogue people’s days are over now, unless they start buying in the products before they sell them – and therefore being able to offer next day deliveries.


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