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Smaller glasses in Pubs

Typical central town pub

I read that the British Beer and Pub Association are introducing third pint long stem – more elegant – glasses to try and attract women drinkers from their favourite tipple of wine onto lager.

A third pint stem glass – Photo by Andrew Taylor

It will, no doubt, attract the less discerning woman but I can’t see it being a huge success.

I have a better idea, but they wouldn’t dream of taking it up. This would be to introduce these glasses for beer, as they have suggested, and have bottled beer in the same sizes and, in addition, do away with the pint and the half pint glass. This way we might have less lager louts and people may drink more sociably.

But then, the publicans aren’t as interested in this as much as they are interested in increasing their profits.

Yes, we should educate the younger public about responsible drinking but as long as the publicans sole interest is chasing the “buck” education won’t help on its own. Now before I get an irate publican on my neck, I am sure that not all of you are tarred by the same brush – but you do have breweries leaning on you if you are a manager, and bank managers and wives leaning on you if you own your own pub.

I know it is unthinkable to suggest doing away with pubs and I am not calling for that here. But we must all wake up to the fact that as long as the British Pub is at the centre of the social lives of so many, drunken louts will continue to litter up city centres.

There are very few pubs on the continent. Mostly we have cafes which serve liquor, teas and coffees and food. You can go there and have just a small glass of beer (less than half a pint). and relax and chat with friends.

But there are too many vested interests so we will go on swigging pints and yobos will go on causing problems and we will get tougher and our gaols will start to fill and the prisoners will learn new “skills” and we will have more villains.

Funny old world, isn’t it dear reader?

But personally I really enjoy sipping a good Belgian lager in Antwerp out of a small 25 cLtr glass!



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