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An invention which could be useful

We need security on our computers

Now that everyone is on the move and logging on to the Net wherever they go, I have had a thought.

We hear a lot about the theft of identity and because of this, there is a serious issue to take into consideration.

Many people use the same password wherever they go and this is dangerous. You need to use different passwords for everything you log into what might lose you money or identity.

And dates and spouses names are not a good idea.

Here is an example of a good eight digit password bV&sTp$! but if we used passwords like this, then we would all be in trouble as our memories are not that good.

But there is a way.

A USB Flash Frive

An entrepreneur out there needs to develop a website where you can put your “master” password in and then have it access a USB Flash Drive, or Pen Driver as they are sometimes called, with encrypted data which you are using. When setting it up, it should only ask for a user name and password – no other information – the reason should be clear later.

Simple software would need to be downloaded to your home computer so you can type in all your passwords and have them encrypted with the same master password into your USB Flash Drive.

Then you detach the drive and take it with you wherever you go.

If you want to access your bank account from an Internet Cafe, clip your USB Flash Drive to the computer and access your password from the website mentioned above.

OK, so the website has your password on view. And they have the name of your bank. But they don’t know who you are (see above) and they don’t know the user name you use to access your bank account.

Because the website would not be amassing thousands of e-mail addresses, there would have to be a charge for this service. Unless someone like Symantec or Google offered it as a goodwill gesture.

If you lose your USB Flashdrive, all the data would be fully encrypted – preferably to 128-bit encryption. With this encryption within the Flash Drive you could even afford to afix your name and mobile phone number to the device.

If anyone decides to use this idea, I would appreciate a cheque if you are a large company, or if not, a credit such as “Concept by Andrew Taylor”



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