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Oh! No! Give it a rest!

As most readers by now know, Kilroy silk was fired from his lucrative contract for stating that Arabs were less that a friendly race!

Kilroy-Silk in his life after the BBC

Well, we are all getting bored by it all again… No! Wait! This has been repeated as there seems to be an unusual twist to the story!

The Scotsman says in an article on the 10th March…

ROBERT Kilroy-Silk launched a public fightback against allegations he is a racist – and repeated his claims that some Arabs are “suicide bombers, limb amputators and women oppressors”.

Speaking on Trevor McDonald’s Tonight programme, due to be shown on ITV this evening, the former Labour MP said he regretted attacking all Arabs but repeated his comments in relation to some Arab regimes.

The comments re-printed in the Sunday Express last weekend after originally appearing in April, led to the suspension of his BBC daytime discussion programme.

As the row over his comments continued, Kilroy-Silk, 61, maintained that when the article originally appeared, the newspaper received only two letters of complaint, but that he had been inundated with messages of support.

He pointed out that there are some Arab regimes that amputate people and treat women as second class citizens. “They do not allow them [women] to work or get educated,” he said.

He said he understood the BBC’s position, as they believe the comments undermine his impartiality.

Some people may say that the BBC were too harsh to get rid of Kilroy, especially since it cost them £625,00.00

John Innes wrote in a separate article on the same day…

THE decision to take presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk off air following his controversial anti-Arab remarks has cost the BBC more than £600,000, it emerged yesterday.

The BBC confirmed that around 25 episodes of the daily talk show had been recorded before the decision was made to postpone transmission indefinitely.

Yesterday, the industry magazine Broadcast said that Kilroy-Silk’s own production company charged the BBC around £25,000 per show, meaning the corporation has lost around £625,000.

Now most of my readers will begin to think that the BBC felt that it was important to claim the high moral ground and that it was worth £625,000 to do this.

Also, it didn’t cost the BBC a penny – they don’t have their own money. Like the politicians, they only have our money. It cost us £625,000!

But wait… isn’t there is a question of double standards here.

Tom Paulin “Israelis should be shot dead”

A regular member of the BBC Newsnight review, Tom Paulin, has said that Jews (Israeli Jews) are no better than Nazis and deserve to be, in his own words, “shot dead”.

I am a simple man and to me, both men should either have been sacked, or both men should have been allowed to carry on.

It was grossly unfair to sack one for saying something about one side but keeping another on for saying something even worse from the other side.

Unless, of course, the BBC is blatently pro Arab and anti Jew?

The Scotsman says, about this…

The BBC was last night accused of operating double standards after continuing to use a contributor who called for Israelis to be killed.

The corporation took no action over comments made by Tom Paulin, the poet and Oxford don, who regularly appears on the Newsnight Review arts programme.

Paulin was quoted in an Egyptian newspaper two years ago as saying that Jews living in the Israeli-occupied territories were “Nazis” who should be “shot dead”.

Andrew Dismore, the Labour MP, said he failed to understand why Kilroy-Silk had been suspended while the BBC failed to act against Paulin.

Well, dear reader, decision time, what do you think?

Is the BBC biased?

OK, stupid question!



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