Cancer scares

Just about everything we eat and, to a lesser extent, drink is attributed as a possible cause of cancer. I saw the following “joke” on the Internet recently, and it brought home how daft so much is.

Granted, there was a real scare when Premier called in so many of their products from the Supermarket shelves.

And the Scotsman wrote…

Premier denies facing a Sudan drop in profit
PREMIER Foods, the company dogged by fears over the Sudan 1 food dye scare, today said it did not expect the alert to have a big impact on the group’s financial situation.

One would have thought such a huge call-back of so many products would have resulted in a huge dent in profits. Maybe Premier Foods are just being bullish – we’ll have to wait until their end-of-year fingures before we can be sure.

Anyway the joke was…

Customer: Worcester sauce crisps please
Shopkeeper: Sorry can’t, it’s off the shelves, cancer scare.
Customer: Oh right, Chinese Chicken Wings?
Shopkeeper: Ah that’s the same , Cancer scare
Customer: Hamburger Relish?
Shopkeeper: Cancer scare
Customer: Sausage and Mash?
Shopkeeper: Cancer scare
Customer: Cottage Pie?
Shopkeeper: Yes, …no wait, Cancer scare.
Customer: So they’re all off the shelves because of a Cancer scare?
Shopkeeper: Yes
Customer: (sigh) Just give me a packet of cigarettes then.
Shopkeeper: Certainly. £4.50 please.
Customer: Thanks

This really shows how much contempt so many of us give to our bodies and, in fact, to other non-smokers bodies as well.

If smoking was invented today, it would be banned long before the end of next week. But because of the vested interests of huge cash rich corporations, and all the jobs which would be lost, and the very real fear that an out and out ban would lose whichever party that banned smoking the next three elections at least, it will never be done.

We are talking ‘levels of stupidity’ here. The highest level are the people that smoke, and the slightly lower level are people who consort with smokers but who don’t themselves. They will still die sooner than if they didn’t. That is a proven fact.


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