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Footnote to my African story below

The “Mail & Guardian” Africa’s first online newspaper wrote:

SA ‘ignorant’ about situation in Zim Johannesburg
14 March 2005 08:28

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in Zimbabwe said on Sunday it was increasingly perplexed by claims by the South African government that the elections in Zimbabwe will be free and fair.

MDC secretary general Welshman Ncube said in a statement that the MDC did not understand the South African government’s “ignorance” about the situation in Zimbabwe.

“At present it is clear to each and every objective observer that conditions for a free and fair election do not exist in Zimbabwe. There is therefore nothing whatsoever to suggest that the elections will be free and fair, or indeed legitimate,” Ncube said. “The electoral environment is actually worse than it was during the March 2002 presidential elections.”

Contrary to the view propagated by the South African government, their counterparts in Harare are not taking any meaningful steps to ensure the elections will be free and fair, he said.

The full article can be read at this link, or the link after my sign-out below. It just shows either how out of touch with reality MBeki is, or how much he may be following his own secret agenda.

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to judge.

This blog, and probably the next one may be slightly small owning to pressures of journalist freebie trips I am having to make. Oh! all that food and wine, how can they do such horrible things to us poor journalists!



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