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Glenfiddich Distillery – wall decoration

Well, although I shop at supermarkets I am not a great lover of them. I mean, how can someone love a supermarket – I ask you!

But I was impressed by a story I read in the newspaper yesterday.

It seems that an Aussie lady was in Scotland with her husband, Glen, recently and visited a distillery where she fell in love with Glenfiddich whisky. Not one of my favourite scotches but then we are all different with our taste.

When she got back to Australia she looked up the brand on the Internet so she could order her favourite tipple, but alas, it was nowhere to be found (in Oz).

So our keen Australian, 35 year old Maureen Guelfi telephoned the distillery in Dufftown, Banffshire, and said she would like to place an order. She was surprised to learn that, because of tax reasons, the distillery was unable to sell their whisky outside of the EU. This sounds like a red tape story to me!

However, our Maureen was made of sterner stuff and wasn’t to be put off by European red tape.

She then telephoned a branch of Asda in Elgin, near Aberdeen as they advertised home deliveries. The manager, Brian McAughery, spoke to her and explained that, alas, home deliveries did not stretch quite as far as Perth, Western Australia.

He must have taken herr details however as, when he discovered a member of his staff was going on hiliday to Sydney, New South Wales, he rang her back and said that they could deliver if she was going anywhere near Sydney in a months time.

Now Sydney is 3,100 odd miles from Perth, but fortunately Maureen was contemplating a shopping trip there, so a date and place was arranged and Maureen met Asda bakery assistant, Helen Penlington, where money and product changed hands.

An interesting story and it just shows that some people will always find a way to do something that shouts “it can’t be done”.

Most of these people are, fortunately, in our armed forces special services, but it is nice to find the odd civilian also has this rather remarkable and very unusual attitude.



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