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Protests at the G8 summit

More than 1,000 officers from twenty-three police forces were on duty on the first day of the G8 summit.

Just picture them, in Breadsall (north of Derby) awaiting the huge numbers of protesters and ready to do business…

A few protesters at the January summit at Gleneagles

And then the protesters came, and according to the Telegraph, they totaled 100. Yes folks, that is, one hundred only…

A slight misjudgement me thinks!



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St Georges Day

Raphael’s painting of St George

Well, St George’s day will soon be upon us. But will be celebrate it? Oh No! We won’t be allowed to… more information on that later.

St Patricks day? Yes, that was celebrated, yesterday, and whilst dear old Ken Livingstone steadfastly has nothing to do with our own Saint’s Day, he welcomes almost everyone elses, and not only that but anything Chinese or Russian as well.

Google are to be congratulated for honouring our English Saint’s Day. Hand’s up all my readers who remember the Google logo on the 23rd April last year when they attempted a search in Google? If you can’t, allow me to refresh your memories…

St Google for St George!

It takes a foreigner to give us recognition, but English magistrates in Norfolk, alas, hate their country so much that they refuse extensions at every St George’s Day but do allow extensions for St Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year and, believe it or not, US Independence Day.

This last reminds me of the time in the sixties when a few of us were holding a club business meeting in a pub near the American Embassy on July 4th.This is a true story!

An American who was very drunk wobbled over and said in a loud voice “I’m American”. We were on to a tricky part in our negotiation so I needed to get rid of him. So I said; “North or South” he seemed a little bemused, stood as tall as he could and said “North America”. I then asked; “Mexico, Canada or the US?” This was too much for him so he wobbled back to the bar. And, we got on with our meeting.

A little while later he came back; “I’m celebrating Independence Day” he said. “Oh?” I replied “We celebrate that as well”. This seemed to stun him. “What do you celebrate it for?” he asked. “For the same reason you do” I retorted.

It was about then that he decided we weren’t full of the good spirits!

Anyway I digress…

I received a letter today (yesterday) from Steve Uncles of the English Democratic Party. I’m not a member but I thought I would give this particular project a little publicity. I will be writing myself to the Magistrates and by the time you read this, my letter will have already been posted. If you are from abroad, you may still write but if you are not English you could mention that as an (your nationality) you are disgusted about the way the British, in authority, treat their own countrymen.

Here is Steve’s round robin…

(Although the e-mail was from Steve, it seems the author was Robin Tillbrook)

Dear English Patriot

Urgent letter writing appeal.

On Tuesday, 15th March, the Landlord of the Otter Public House, Drayton, Norwich, was refused an extended licence to celebrate St George’s Day, by the Norwich Magistrates – despite them being willing to grant an extended licence for each of the following:- St Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year and USA Independence Day!

The Magistrates have however said that they will reconsider his application if the landlord of the Otter can get enough letters of support to show people do consider St George’s Day to be a special occasion.

So we need every patriot to write to them at :-

Norwich Magistrates’ Court
Norfolk NR3 1UP

** Just had an urgent communication that says, write to:
Tony Bennett,
The Otter pub,

and copy the letter to the Magistrates Court. Just in case the Magistrates try and pretend they haven’t had any letters!

Please say that you support the licensing application of Tony Bennett of the Otter, Drayton, Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk, for an extended opening hours licence to celebrate St George’s Day on the 23rd April this year because St George’s Day is a special occasion for every Englishman and Englishwoman because it is our National Patron Saint’s Day and our National Day.

So, if the Norwich Magistrates receive a weighty enough mail bag, we may be able to establish the principle that St George’s Day is special to us. Please therefore help the cause by writing to the Norwich Magistrates. Please also pass this on to at least two friends to ask them to write.

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook
English Democrats Party

Well, that’s my good deed for the day. And in passing I should mention, I suppose, that I have a committed interest as I am a Life Governor of the Royal Society of St George.

Today is my wife’s birthday so I must hasten… I have lots of things to do!


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