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The latest Victoria Cross presentation

The hero from Granada – Pte Beharry, J, VC

Well done Johnson Beharry! I recently watched your interview on Sky News where the interviewer said at the end. “Let me shake your hand, it is a privilege”

Johnson, as an ex-soldier – yes I know it was in peacetime – but never-the-less I also would like to shake your hand. And I would also consider it a great privilege.

Like many ex-soldiers, I respect and admire bravery and what you did, twice, in the line of duty, was absolutely incredible.

You say you would like to remain as a soldier so I will pray (and that is something I don’t often do) that your injuries will get better and won’t prevent your laudable ambitions.

But my friend, and I say this with sadness, don’t expect the British people to take too much notice of your Victoria Cross when you return to civilian life. Just understand that this is not about you, personally, it is just that bravery and loyalty no longer counts for very much any more in civvy street. Especially amongst employers.

This isn’t just my own jaundiced view, it happens, read any newspaper!

But that is negative thinking. Enjoy your life in the finest fighting force in the world (now that the Rhodesian “Selous Scouts” have been disbanded) 😉

Normally I add a little snippet from a newspaper and for people who want to read the rest, I include a web link. But in this case, dear reader, I hope you will forgive me as I am adding his wife’s statement in full below.

Statement by Mrs Lynthia Beharry

“Johnson Beharry my husband; I am so proud to mention his name. He was born on 26th July 1979, in Grenada in the West Indies. Johnson has been to hell and back in the past three months, and he came back as a true hero. Johnson is that type of individual who loves to help others, no matter what it is or when it might be; he just does it.

“I was not very surprised by what he has done in Iraq but I am so very proud of him. He is a hero and he will always be, not only for what he has done, but for who is really is deep down inside. He always said that when he joined the Army he knew exactly what he was getting himself into, and he wants to do what he was trained for. Well of course, no one would do six months of such hard training and just sit on it in the end; you would want to put into practice, which is what he has done.

“So finally he done what he always wanted to do, and I know that he is very happy with himself for what he has done. I don’t think that he was thinking of himself or anything else at the time, other than getting his colleagues to safety, because that’s just the way he is. He is such a kind, generous, helpful and hard working person. He is also very good with his hands, let’s say multi-talented. He is good with engines, carpentry, painting… in fact anything he puts his mind towards, he will get it done on time and it’s got to be perfect, he believes that his work is never complete until everything is perfect and error free.

“He has been seriously injured, but he is now recovering and doing very well. The injury he sustained was very serious, and for what he has been through he is so lucky to be alive, and I want to thank God for that and everyone who has been praying for him. He is very strong and he is a fighter as well, nothing holds him back. It has been very tough for the past two weeks, but seeing what has happened to him, I felt so helpless because there was nothing I could of done to take pain away from him, but keep praying to God. The entire family, friends, colleagues, even my friends and colleagues, has been praying for him and brilliantly supporting him in his recovery.

“The welfare officers have been brilliant, and I just want to thank everybody for all that they have done, and encourage them to keep praying for him and the all the others who are out in Iraq right now.

“We all want him to be up again and doing the things in life that he loves doing. I couldn’t ask for a better husband, friend and partner in Johnson, and I just love him so much and want him to get better so that we can take him home. I am very proud of him and I want everyone out there to feel the happiness with me because Johnson is great; he is a fantastic person and I am sure that, by what they have read in the paper, will show just what type of person he is.

“Yes, it’s his job but we’ve got to give him his praises for his bravery, I don’t want anyone to stop talking about what he is done because everytime I hear it or talk about it I’m just just flooded with his happiness.

“My name is Lynthia Beharry and I am 23 years of age, We have been married for two and half years and we have been together eight years now. We are both from Grenada, I love my husband very much I am happy to be his wife.

The most prized Victoria Cross

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