Do you use skype?

Here’s the first cordless Skype VoIP phone by ZDNet’s Russell Shaw — There’s actually such a thing as a cordless Skype VoIP phone.It’s the Cordless DU ALphone, a new product from a British company called Square7. Costs 99.95, which translates into around $192.00 U.S.You connect is into a normal telephone socket and a USB port on your PC. The display shows you whether your friends who use Skype happen to be online. If they are, you push a green button to talk.

To save going into ZNet, here is a link showing the phone but it is in the UK

The above is is an experiment of a new system where ZDNet the computer e-zine shows an article and then has code for bloggers to post in their blogs.

It may or may not work with my Blog ISP but if it does, it may be useful for lead-ins of interesting subjects.

Just looked at it… I am disapointed that it doesn’t show a photograph – I don’t think we will use it in the future!


I use skype for most of my regular phone contacts and it has helped to reduce my phone bill considerably.

Take a look at Skype’s website where you will learn about VoIP (Voice over the Interet) which allows free calls if you are on ADSL broadband. The software is free and, at the time of writing, 88,523,387 people have downloaded the software and made 6,341,470,547 minutes worth of free calls – that’s 6.34 billion minutes.

In addition, you can phone people using your computer your end, and the ordinary telephone their end. But you pay a small amount for this privilege. Tp date, over a million minutes have been used doing just this.

Would you say this is a successful venture?


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