Should she get them?

The slug (a.k.a. Primrose Shipman)

This slug has asked for the £100,000 worth of jewellery, including wedding rings her husband took from his hundreds of victims as he murdered them.

Apart from the rings, the jewellery includes brooches he took from their clothing, and ear-rings and necklaces he tore from their bodies.

Dective Superintendent, Steve Heywood, of the Manchester Police says the jewellery was seized in July 1998 .It seems that, unless the victims relatives can thoroughly identify the items, they will have to be returned to the Shipman woman.

Items of this nature have to be returned to Dr Shitman’s next of kin, according to the Police Property Act

How can the relatives identify a plain band wedding ring, and to do so, they have to supply photographs or a receipt! Not an easy thing to do at this juncture!

Personally I think it would be much better to give them all to Oxfam.

Where, oh where, is this country going. “Who yelled ‘the dogs’ at the back?”

Personally I blaim the bleeding-heart do-gooders myself! For getting us here in the first place!

An interesting interpretation of the Shipman woman’s hand-writing is available at


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