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EBay and Paypal

After two very long blogs yesterday, I though a nice short moan was in order.

One of PayPal’s many logos

I bank with the worlds largest bank, Citibank.

The world’s fastest growing company is EBay which owns Paypal outright.

Millions of people through their bank and credit card now accept PayPal for paying and receiving money via credit cards and direct debits.

Citibank offer all the banking facilities in the UK, including telephone banking, internet banking, paying in at any Lloyds Bank, withdrawing money free of charge at most bank ATMs, Direct Debits in and out of the accounts, a free bank overdraft of £500 (free of arrangement fee and of interest) – they do this to avoid irritable clients going overdrawn without realising it.

When you open an account with Paypal you have to set up a credit card and a direct debit and they need to verify your phone number – by having a machine phone you and you punch in a four digit number – and to verify your address they send you a letter with a six digit number which you log on and enter.

All very laudable to ensure a certain amount of honesty amongst its users. And to prevent fraud

But their programmers do not have the ability to allow Citibank customers to use Paypal to have their money paid in.

They (PayPal) have told me that I will have to change my account to another bank!

So the biggest bank in the world, and the largest growing company (EBay) in the world cannot and will not talk to each other.

Does that seem strange to you? I am certainly finding it difficult to understand.

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