I don’t believe it

One of the Dambusters two targets

The Mail on Saturday had a huge feature debunking Guy Gibson’s achievements with the Dambusters.

They claim he was a pompous bully, a ruthless philanderer, a braggart despised by his colleagues, etc. etc.

Personally I don’t believe it. The PC brigade and Guardian reader take a great delight in destroying everything that ordinary English people hold dear.

These bastards hate Britain and the British, this is never more clearly illustrated than their hell-bent race to immerge our nation into the EU and destroy every last memory of our greatness.

But even if Guy Gibson was all that they pretend he turned out to be? Who cares? He got the fucking job done, didn’t he?

Please excuse my language, I have just come back from the EU mainland.

And why do I read the Daily Mail? The short answer is, I don’t. Well, I do buy it every Saturday because of the colour magazine. They have the best radio and television listings. I get seven A3 pages of radio and television for every day (49 pages for the weeks listening and viewing) for just 70p.


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