Spanking is good for you

I came across an interesting article in this Wednesday’s copy of our free Metro newspaper.

Spanking spans all races

A spanking way to be happy

IT MAY sound a bit kinky but everything from depression to alcoholism can be cured with a beating on the bare bottom, scientists claim. Spanking is more effective than exercise at keeping the blues at bay, say Russian researchers who carried out tests on caning.

They recommend that people receive 30 weekly sessions of 60 of the best High levels of pain make the body produce endorpluns or ‘happy chemicals’ and this leads to feelings of euphoria. Endorphins also boost the immune system, release sex hormones and reduce appetite.

Dr Sergei Speransky, who now charges patients £57 for treatment at Novosibirsk Institute of Medicine, said: ‘The treatment works. I’m not sadistic, at least not in the classical sense, but I do advocate caning.’

This is verrry interrresting! This could well come as quite a shock to the ladies amongst us, but we mere males have known this all our lives.

But the number of times we have been castigated, just because we have wanted to help our loved ones make their body produce endorpluns or ‘happy chemicals’ thus leading to feelings of euphoriaand to boost their immune system, thus release sex hormones and reduce appetite.

And sometimes the roles are reversed!

Ladies, we have born the brunt of your anger because we love you and want to help you to thrive.

And, for some reason, my wife says she is finding all this hard to believe!


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