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Scotland Yard can’t cope!

Gatso Speed Camera

Well, doesn’t the following just show how the police are alienating the poor motorist. Read the following piece by David Williams, Motoring Editor in the Metro and I will continue my rant below…

SCOTLAND Yard cannot cope with the number of motorists being caught on its 400 speed cameras and may have to pay another police force to process fines, it was revealed today. The Met has struggled over the past year and at times has had a backlog of thousands of fixed penalties.

Its backroom operation is understaffed and collection rates of fixed penalties are just 40 per cent — meaning six out of every 10 drivers escape without paying their fines.

Today Mayor Ken Uvingstone’s road safety adviser, Jenny Jones, called on Met Commissioner Sir lan Blair to take up an offer from Essex police to help out before the situation gets any worse.

The move is being blocked by the Met which fears being branded “anti-motorist”. But Ms Jones said it was “vital” the London Safety Camera Partnership outsourced some of its enforcement operation to avoid a crisis.

The move would generate extra income to invest at accident blackspots and allow more “gatsos” to be set at lower trigger levels in SOmph zones.

Tony Vickers of the Association of British Drivers said: “Drivers will not be happy that even more money could be spent on speed cameras.”

In my days I have gone to the aid of a policeman three times in the London area and I feel the same impulse of public spirit mightn’t guide me in this course of action again.

I no longer have a car in London, but even so, I feel for the way the police are treating all motorists as criminals and are more interested in catching them than the villains that terrorise our society.

I am not advocating the following and really wouldn’t want it to happen…

But if they started getting killed by irate motirists often, then they might think that it would be safer to catch villains, then it might be a better day for all of us.

Somebody somewhere should wake their bloody ideas up!

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