South Africa

Well, we will soon be off to sunny Stellenbosch. For example I have just checked the weather and there is not a cloud in sight for the five day forecast for Cape Town and the temporature is between 25 and 29 degrees over the same period.

Helderbergstraat (Helderberg Street) Stellenbosch

We are going to Stellenbosch, about 45 kilometres East of Cape Town. The above photograph is a picture of the street where our flat is.

Now there is some good news and some bad news in that.

The good news is that temporature is about two degrees hottor in Stellenbosch as it is away from the wind that blows across Table Bay (Daar is ‘n wind wat blaai) Lovely song called “There is a wind that blows”. Anyway I digress!

Now the bad news. Without that wind, whereas Cape Town can be sunny, Stellenbosch may occasionally attract a little cloud. But “hey” I can live with that and we will be going to Cape Town now and again!

Stellenbosch – you see what I mean about the cloud? 😦

We rent a two bedroom flat right in the centre of Stellenbosch – just two minutes walk from the main shopping street. We have a good friend from Nottingham who is coming out for our “middle” week and we are going to take him to a couple of wineries, all around the winelands and for two days we will make a base in George and take a half day in Knysna and a full day in Oudtshoorn where we will visit the famous Cango Caves, an Osterich Farm and the Wildlife Park where one can see, Meercats, Crocodiles, Lions, Leapards and Cheetahs and many other specis – including snakes!.

This will be my last blog until the end of April. That is not a definitive statement, but enough to give you a warning.

I am sure, at different times, I will have some access to computers over there and if so, I will put up an occasional blog.

We arrive back on the 26th April so, between the 27th and 31st, in between a huge job of organising a couple of thousand photographs with Photoshop, I may put up some short blogs with many photographs.

So please, if you get bored with little to see, do make a note in your diary to come back in May.


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