Arrived back in England this morning

At 6:05am. First off the plane, first through passport control, and last to receive all my baggage from the carousel… isn’t it typical? You’re on a winning streak and it all goes haywire.

But I will have a lot of stories to tell you, as soon as I get my sleep routine sorted out.

But enough to say that, in the Cape Winelands, I felt a lot safer than I do in London. On the whole, the South African natives and coloureds are gentle and very optimistic. Of course there are those that are more aggressive but they are truly a minority. And many of them have come down to South Africa from the North. For example, the new South African police freely admit that the drug problem in South Africa is mainly controlled by Nigerian Overlords. One senior policeman jokingly told me that they get the ones that don’t make it to Britain!

More as I get my bearings back, and some lovely photographs – I hope – when I sort those out as well!

It’s going to be a long hard grind in Photoshop!


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