The Minolta Saga II

A medal for Jessops


Have I got a story for you!

I took my camera into Jessops to go on the Friday van to Minolta – providing the driver could navigate the Milton Keynes roundabouts of course 🙂

But I hadn’t my original receipt and they wouldn’t accept it without proof of purchase, even though the camera hadn’t been out a full year yet. I asked and spoke to the manager and it was agreed that I could ring my wife and ask her to fax the receipt in. Whilst we were waiting we had an animated discussion about wines of all subjects and eventually my wife phoned to say she could not find the receipt.

I hadn’t purchased the camera from Jessops but the service is for all Minolta owners whereever they bought their camera.

Meanwhile the manager of Jessops in New Oxford Street had read my letter and said he sympathised with me, and as one wine lover to another, he would swop it – there and then – for a new camera. Said he would then make damn sure he would get a new camera out of Minolta.

Jessops have a lot of clout as they probably sell more of every manufacturers cameras than any other computer company (they have a chain of 74 shops throughout the UK and are planning to expand soon to 100).

So I left the store with a brand new Minolta D7 DSLR with renewed faith that there are still some good guys around. Yes, dear reader, I am also sure he wasn’t a shareholder!


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