The Minolta Saga III

It’s never ending…

I took my new Minolta D7 replacement camera to the embankment and took 175 photographs. I was using the grip with 6 x AA 2300 mAmp rechargeable batteries in the supplimentary grip. At the end of the 175 photographs I got a message up as “battery exhausted”. These were “fine” “large”. In addition to this, the camera kept on freezing and I had to take the batteries out and put them back. I found if I turned off the camera between photographs I did not have to do this too often.

The next day I wandered around locally to take some more photographs, not using the grip at all. First of all I then noticed that I could not change the type of photograph from “fine” “large” “jpg” – it would work until I turned the camera off, and would then revert automatically back to “fine” “large” “jpg” as soon as I turned the camera back on. In exactly the same way, the flash setting would accept whatever I used (ttl) but would revert to “adi” as soon as I turned the camera off and then on again. “adi” is for digital lenses and my ordinary professional lenses would not syncronise on this setting so the flashgun (5600HS (D)) was useless.

I will go back to Konica-Minolta and keep you all informed. I have been using Minolta for years and have not had the slightest problem with their equipment until they amalgamated with Konica.


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