The Choice Narrows

I am referring to who I am going to vote for.

Our Candidates are:

Liberal Democrat
UK Independence Party
and some Rainbow thingy.

First of all, I will discount the nutters – the Rainbow thingy.

The Greens are all for the EU, although they say that, Like the Conservatives, they want to reform it. Ha ha ha!

The Liberal Democrats, to a candidate, have all refused to sign the BDI (British Declaraton of Independence. So there is no way I would want to vote for any of those!

That leaves the choice between Labour, Conservative and UK Independence Party.

If there was a Veritas candidate I would vote for them but there isn’t and, until yesterday my wife and I thought we would vote for UK Independence Party.

But, we have had to rule them out.

I have heard from a reliable souce that they are not really interested in getting MPs in, they are more interested in targeting Veritas. Not a pleasant way for decent people to go about their business… take a look at:

UKIP drops campaigning to thwart Kilroy-Silk in Erewash

Donor pays Bed-and-breakfast charges for UKIP’s ‘Get Kilroy’ Campaign in Erewash

John Whittaker MEP – the man who is standing for 8 seats in the North West – tells UKIP workers to campaign against Kilroy in Erewash, rather than campaign in their own areas

A VERITAS sympathiser in the U.K. Independence Party’s North-West Region has leaked, to VERITAS, an internal e-mail from their North-West MEP, John Whittaker. Mr. Whittaker sent his e-mail, which refers to a donor offering to pay for bed-and-breakfast for UKIP workers willing to campaign against Robert Kilroy-Silk, to all UKIP members in the North-West. The e-mail was leaked this afternoon to Mr Kilroy-Silk’s Researcher.

The e-mail from John Whittaker states:

“While I know you are all busy doing what you can in your home patches, there is another call on our time. I am trying to gather support for the UKIP campaign in Erewash constituency (between Derby and Nottingham) where Kilroy is standing. I do think this is important and shall be spending time there myself. If any of you, or members, family etc. could help with the usual leafleting – canvassing – general campaigning activities, please get in touch with me (07752 643946) A donor has promised to pay for B&B for any who stay over”.

The targeting of VERITAS candidates in this way has been a feature of UKIP’s strategy in this General Election. Rather than field a candidate in several Hertfordshire seats where neither UKIP nor VERITAS is standing, UKIP deliberately fielded a candidate – Hertfordshire man John Felgate – in the Essex constituency of Harlow against VERITAS candidate Tony Bennett. A similar pattern occurred in Staffordshire as soon as VERITAS announced its candidates in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. UKIP immediately put up candidates against VERITAS but not in several other constituencies in the area. As soon as Robert Kilroy-Silk announced – in February – that he was contesting Erewash, UKIP responded immediately by fielding its Regional Organiser, Geoffrey Kingscott, against him.

The Hyena, Blair…

So that gives me a choice between Labour and the Conservatives.

Do I help vote in the grinning (and lying) Hyena Blair, or the micky mouse Howard “who has a little of the night about him” voiced by Ann Widdecombe a few years ago.

According to the BDI website, both the candidates have either signed the BDI or have expressed sympathy.

I have decided that the only thing I can do is to look at the candidates and vote for whoever I feel will be best for Finchley & Golders Green.

Rudi Vis is the Labour Candidate and is the incumberant or “sitting” MP. A quick Google on him got this mini-bio

Labour’s candidate:
Rudi Vis

  • Born 04.04.41, Alkmaar, The Netherlands.
  • Married. Three children.
  • BSc (Econ), University of Maryland. MSc (Econ), London School of Economics. PhD, Brunel University.
  • Member of CND, Friends of the Earth, Sera, RSBP, Friends of Cyprus and Labour Friends of Israel, UNA, and The Tree Faith Forum
  • Assisted in saving college farm and Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute and preventing trains carrying spent nuclear fuel from parking and passing through constituency. Trustee Hendon Youth, College Farm.
  • Received Honorary PhD from Schiller International University.

Plus; an educated man and he helped save our college farm.

Minus; he is 64, and is a Hollander which makes me suspect his motives re the BDI.

Then the Conservative candidate Andrew Mennear. A quick Google finds this mini-bio

Andrew is married to Sophie and they have two sons currently attending nursery. Having joined BP in 1989, Andrew currently works at promoting the growth of its renewable energy businesses. Born in Wallsend in December 1966 and brought up in Whitley Bay, he was the only pupil from his local comprehensive to win a place at Oxford or Cambridge, going to University College, Oxford to study PPE. Both his parents were both teachers; his father being the head-teacher of a special school for 19 years.

Andrew joined the Young Conservatives in 1982. He was President of Oxford University Conservative Association during the 1987 general election. Elected to Camden Council in 1998, he was re-elected in 2002. At the 2001 general election, he gained a 4% swing standing against Glenda Jackson in Hampstead & Highgate with his ‘Surrender Glenda’ campaign.

“The top concerns of residents in Finchley & Golders Green are undoubtedly the lack of police officers on the beat together with intolerable levels of anti-social behaviour and the Government’s underfunding of local schools. This is an area where the Government has been seen to have failed to deliver – local people are now impatient for change”, remarks Andrew.

On Camden Council, Andrew has been the lead Conservative spokesman on leisure issues and policing, campaigning successfully to stop Labour from closing nearly a third of Camden’s libraries and to keep a police station in Hampstead. He has also consistently opposed Labour’s misguided plans to redevelop Swiss Cottage Sports Centre and the accompanying open space.

This opposition led to an announcement of a four-fold increase in sports halls open to the public in the north of Camden. Most recently, he has drawn attention to Labour’s failure to pay more than lip-service attention to its biodiversity action plan and its failure to deliver the number of nursery places it has promised. Andrew is a member of the Camden Community Police Consultative Group and is also a member of the Management Committee of the Winchester Project, a registered charity for young people at Swiss Cottage.

Andrew remains a season ticket-holder with Newcastle United, but has found it increasingly difficult to get to matches since having children, but looks forward to watching plenty of boys’ football in the years ahead! His leisure time is now spent with his family, often at London Zoo, where they are members, or at the cinema.

Plus; age 39, stopped Camden closing libraries, helped increase sports halls by a factor of 4

Supports Newcastle United!

I am tempted to vote for Andrew, he has a good Christian name which can only be a plus! However, when the Conservatives took us into the EU I swore I would never vote for them again until everyone who signed the treaties were long dead and buried.

So I am in a dilema. Yes, dear Reader, I know that labour have taken us even further into the clutches of the EU but, in a way, they are not to blame so much. After all, the Conservatives are the party who is supposed to love Britain so – to my way of thinking, that makes them the biggest traitors.

I will go to the voting booth but may well, with a heavy black marker pen write on my ballot paper – I can’t vote for any of these, they are a bunch of Bankers. At least I can’t be charged for using bad language but everyone will know what I mean!


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