South Africa – delays

Winery dog orchestra – Photo by Andrew Taylor

As I have written in my travel log on 20th April…

Afterwards we went to Annandale where two larger dogs – a retriever and a doberman – put their snouts together and howled a song for us with a miniature doberman who sat slightly apart but joining in!

This was a more “working” environment winery and I have to admit, I thought it much better!

Annadale winery was deserted when we arrived. We kept calling but nobody was around except three dogs. A Golden Retriever a Doberman and a little miniature Doberman. They were friendly enough – even the Dobermans!

And, when the dogs realised we were looking for someone, the two larger dogs stood with their mouths close together and howled. Gawd, did they howl. The little one who couldn’t reach up, sat a little way away and joined in.

Very effective they were because, within minutes, a nice Afrikaans lady appeared and took us into the farmhouse for a wine tasting. Apologising profusely for not being there.

The travel log is now finished and a friend who is a professional proof reader is checking it over. After we have corrected the millions of errors he will have found – he is very good, we will publish it as a PDF, complete with photographs and make it downloadable from my website.

We’ll let you know on this blog, over the coming week, when it will be ready.


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