I don’t believe it! – Minolta Saga V

I got the camera back yesterday and it worked yesterday afternoon as I mentioned in yesterdays blog.

This morning the flash syc has completely gone and photographs I take in natural light have a quarter to a third of the top of the photograph (when taking in landscape mode) blacked out.

I have contacted Minolta and will be driving up in person as it seemed they didn’t believe me last time and told me there is nothing wrong!.

However this time I took the camera into a camera dealer and asked him to examine the Minolta, and confirm my comments in a do-it-yourself affidavit and then sign it and put their dealer stamp on it. This he did, absolutely confirming that I was telling the truth.

I don’t own a car as I work in London mostly and for the very few times I need to go out, I hire a car from our local Alamo. So I have hired a car for next Wednesday as I want to go up there myself and show these guys the camera not working. Unfortunately they have refused to re-imburse me my travelling expenses.

Friends have said that I am very patient. But, hell, I am a journalist, I smell a big story brewing which will more than repay the problems I have had being without a camera – other, unfortunately, than the loss of my South African trip.


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