On the tube

I was travelling down to Waterloo today, on the Northern Line and a group of men, four black and three white got on at Euston and travelled to Tottenham Court Road.

They were so extremely happy together, laughing and joking together in the corner at one of the ends.

Their ages ranged between 35 years and 50 years old. The shortest was about six foot three inches tall! The comeradie was so great that I immediately thought: they must from South Africa as blacks and whites never mix so well together in England. My next thought was; they were probably rugby players. When a seat nearer them became vacant I moved dow to see if I was right.

Well, I was right in one of the guesses, they were speaking several languages all together. Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu. I asked in Afrikaans what were they doing in England. I don’t know any Xhosa and my Zulu is extremely rusty now. One of the white guys – one of those nearer fifty came over and said they were over here on business and had been given a day off to come down and see London. They were probably catching the SAA 220 flight that leaves Heathrow every day around 9pm.

I must admit, it made me feel homesick for my childhood when I lived amongst the Afrikaners. A much misunderstood race because of their apartheid – which I am not condining – and one rarely saw such comeradie amongst the English South Africans and the blacks.

A little incident lasting no more than about eight or nine minutes which brightened up my whole day.


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