Minolta Dynax D7 DSLR

At long last, knock on wood, the camera seems to be working well.

In addition to this, unlike the Canon, the ISO goes right up to 3200 and when on that setting I can get good pictures in quite dark places.

Test photo using the f2.8 70mm-200mm lens at an ISO of 3200
– Photo by Andrew Taylor

When using my 1,3 Kilogram f2.8 70mm-200mm I can get good pictures on an overcast day when set on Speed Priority and taking at 1/4,000th second at F11. At that speed I have no worries about camera shake with such a heavy lens!!!

Mind you, it is going to take a while before I will feel really relaxed about things so to safeguard myself, I have just purchased a Dynax 5000 film body on eBay for £10.50.

I will immediately put a film in it, and test it with all three zoom lenses and the flashgun. Get the film developed and check everything, then put it at the back of my camera bag and forget it is there, except change the batteries once each year. (Keith, don’t forget to change the batteries of your Canon backup every now and again).

With the camera grip (for easier portrait shots, and holding a second NP-400 battery, the complete body and the 70mm-200mm f2.8 telephoto lens weighs in at 2.52 kilograms. Which is why I use a wrist strap rather than a strap around my neck!!!


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