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A few years ago I discovered a website in Nottingham that sold the clothes that I loved in South Africa. Apart from Tents, knives and cooking pots they sell great bush shirts and trousers, fantastic walking and hiking boots and all sorts of hats, leather, suede and what have you.

The website is run by John Muirden who also trains people to drive 4×4 in very rough terrain especially put together in Sherwood Forest. 1:1.5 hills, three foot water and trees everywhere. He also takes part in trials with landrovers all over the world.

I met John when I went up to Nottingham last year and he took Pam and me on a one hours drive over the course. It was really thrilling and, to my surprise, Pam absolutely loved every minute of it. I don’t know, you can be married to someone for twenty-eight years and still not really know them!

John is not what one would expect when you first meet him. Especially when you had previously learned that he was a soldier in Southern Africa in his youth. He is quietly reserved, softly spoken and a real expert in his field.

Take a look at his website and if you find you need advice, phone him – you will find him totally knowledgable about his goods, both in theory and in practice. and if you are going to Nottingham book him to take you arround his 4×4 course especially if you have your own 4×4 vehicle.

He supplies my leisure clothes including my boots, hiking socks, trousers, shirts and hats.

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