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Politics aren’t working


What is the difference between Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats?

If you really think there is any difference, please don’t read any further because what I may have to say could cause offence.

Why are 40% of the population refusing to vote? OK, I know that there is more like 60% not voting at recent elections but a third of these do vote now and again.

I am talking about the die-hards. The forty percent who have given up on politics.

Could this be because they cannot see any difference between the three main parties? Or perhaps they are fed up because of all the “spin” and dishonesty of today’s politicians? Perhaps, even still, it is because they know that whatever they say, the politicians won’t listen, and go their own sweet way.

I have set up a website called Votes4u which will try and persuade non-voters that there could be another way. And that their votes may not be lost at all.

At present I am busy working on a “White Paper” progressing an idea of how the non-voters can put the fear of God into the hearts of our politicians.

You can join in and help progress this idea by visiting the website, linked to above.


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