A large amount of the population are not represented

Those of you who read Tuesday’s blog, and followed the link to the world’s shortest political quiz, will realise that the political spectrum is not just left to right. It is up and down as well.

On the x axis (left or right) we are all either left inclined, right inclined or are huddled around the midpoint. However with the y axis (top to bottom) we are either Libertarian (the individual is in charge of himself and his economics), Centists (the individual is in charge of himself and the government is in charge of economics) and the Statists (the government is in charge of the individual and the government is in charge of Economics). You can be on the left or on the right and still be any of these up and down categories. For example, a Statist could be either a communist or a fascist.

Both the Socialists and the Conservatives are basically Centist parties although, since 9/11, the Labour party seems to be heading towards Statistism. And I have no doubt that when the Conservatives get in they will loath to alter anything, as new governments are want to do. Or in this case, not do.

So we have a situation where Centists are well represented and to a limited extent, so are Statists. However, the Libertarian who believes in freedom of the individual, has no representation at all. This is not just in the UK but in the whole Western world. And if it comes to that, probably in the whole world!

There is one politician in the US running for the Republican candidate in the 2008 elections against McCann. However, at the most in the various caucuses, he has never got more than around 10% of the vote? Why is this? It is because most Americans are totally unaware of him owing to big business that own the National Media in the US refuse to give him any publicity and blatantly don’t mention him even when he comes second.

Here is a man who only wants to fight wars that have been formerly declared, as per the constitution. The last time America or Britain formerly declared a war was the Second World War! He wants to stop money for big business, bring troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan and from 350 bases in 130 countries around the world, He wants to stop Corporate Welfare (bailing out big business), stop lobbying by big business, and reduce most Federal government and allow State government to look after their individual States.

I know of one young politician who may well try and introduce such policies eventually in the UK but he is still young and serves only at Council level. He is in one of the major parties however, and might well be able to bring democracy into UK politics by catering for the large amounts of Libertarians.

I have created a dual boot system on my computer and am experimenting with Linux so look forward for a future blog to tell you of my experiences with this free “open source” software.


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