Are you a terrorist or a money launderer?

If you are a terrorist you are probably wetting your trousers laughing at the terror laws. Unless you are a very stupid terrorist you will have realised that these laws are doing your job for you. In fact, you may even feel a little ashamed that the governments of your accursed enemies are doing a far better job that you could ever hope to do.

If you are a money launderer and step into your local bank and see a hapless member of the public trying to open up a bank account, your trousers could well suffer the same fate as your terrorist brother in the above paragraph. You use the bank for your normal living expenses. The money you launder from your lucrative drugs trade goes nowhere near a real bank – unless it is in Switzerland or Liechtenstein or, if you are badly in need of a holiday, the Caymen Islands.

So, this got me thinking – I began to wonder what was behind all these laws that appeared to be construed to keep the ordinary population from going about their daily business unimpeded by brutish authority.

I have watched Zeitgeist the Movie and initially I didn’t believe a word of it. But on using the Internet skilfully, I learned that the whole life of Jesus Christ first appeared five thousand years ago around 3000BC and was identical with the life of the God Horus. Although unsettling at first, it got me thinking. Why are we all subjected to toeing the line of our masters in every aspect of our lives.

Initially, the weapon used was poverty but, in the 20th century when the peoples of Britain and America started to amass more wealth, other methods had to be used. Gordon Brown talks about removing poverty but I am not sure if he knows the true meaning of the word. Poverty is not owning a fridge or TV. Poverty is going hungry each day and not owning a decent pair of shoes – or, indeed, owning any shoes at all. Poverty is certainly not owning a car, motor-cycle or even a bicycle. If you don’t believe this, go to Africa. Those with untold wealth and power now need to employ more sophisticated means to keep us down.

The greatest weapon is officialdom in our working lives and the church in our leisure time. Hitler left the Roman Catholic Vatican more or less alone because he knew he needed the church on his side, to help subject the people. This wasn’t done officially, but there is such an abundance of material confirming this that I needn’t go into it here. I believe the church even ran Croatia for Hitler. And after the war it is reported that the church sheltered Croatian Nazi war criminals.

Then there is the opiate of the masses. Television. The one form of entertainment designed to debilitate the public. It keeps the thinkers off the streets spreading mischief. I have a theory that if everyone put their TV sets up in the attic and stopped paying the licence, it would be issued free of charge, or at least greatly reduced, as it is the last thing on this earth our masters would want. Think about it.

And the juveniles roaming our streets. What is the cause of this? Could it be the breakdown of the family unit? There is less breakdown of the family unit in France and the majority of youngsters are so much better behaved there. Terrific for the government though, it keeps the rest of the population indoors watching television!

So, on the one hand we have our own governments, making legislation as complex as they can to create havoc in our lives, and creating an unsafe environment. On the other hand, we have a church continuously trying to make us feel guilty of any fun we might accrue in our lives.

Osama Bin Ladin must have been a godsend to our government. Now terror laws have finally succeeded in making what the government started to do with the motorists. Make the police the enemy of the people, to be feared. And have you tried to fly out of the UK recently? And, try to fly from London to Manchester without a passport! The bureaucrats have made it impossible for us to travel by air from one city to another within our own country without a passport.

I don’t normally ascribe to conspiracy theories but after Christ in part one of the earlier mentioned video, I then watched part two. This casts doubt as to whether 9/11 was an inside job. Watch it, and if you understand about imploding a building into itself as it comes down, listen carefully to spectators’ comments who were there watching it all unfold. The only way a building could do that would be with explosives placed in the foundations underpinning the building. This would take hours, the original plans of the building would also have to be acquired. A building could not implode that way just by an aeroplane flying into the top of it! It cast huge doubts in my own mind I can assure you.

The biggest threat to this group of shadowy manipulators is the Internet. Over the last year, on TV and the newspapers, we have been bombarded with “facts” that paedophiles use the Internet, and terrorists use the internet. We are not bombarded with the fact that terrorists use buses, or that paedophiles may shop at Marks and Spencers. Or that paedophiles eat at McDonalds or terrorists drink coffee at Starbucks! No it is to taint the Internet. Why are they doing this? Is it a way to introduce censoring that we will accept? Now we hear that our poor citizens can come unstuck using “Facebook” Could it be really that dangerous, or could it be because there are so many groups for “just” causes? I am not saying that “Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister” is a just cause but last time I checked he had over 40,000 votes!

Finally, as we are on the subject of politics, let’s take our political climate. Over 40% of the population don’t vote any more as they are completely disillusioned with politics. This is rising at each election and although politicians make a little noise about it, they are happy enough. The Conservatives and the Socialists enjoy their cosy little club and don’t want outsiders muscling in. The fewer voters to upset the apple-cart the better. Don’t you think?

Of course I could go on, but this is long enough to get you thinking. Please don’t believe a word I have said. The message will come home to you in a much more powerful way if you start Googling, and find out for yourself whether this is true or not – and whether there is a lot more that could be added.


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