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Mr Justice Coleridge

So Mr Justice Coleridge (who turns up at his court riding a motorbike) has just discovered “Family breakdown is a ‘cancer’ behind almost every evil affecting the country.” And that youth crime, child abuse, drug addiction and binge-drinking are caused by the ‘melt-down’ of relations between parents and children.

I don’t know where he has been all these years but it is nice that our judiciary have finally tumbled to what we ordinary mortals have known for years, even decades.

Although they aren’t completely to blame, as successive governments of both major parties have subscribed to the same theme, the whole shooting-match started when Labour organised the destruction of the “family unit” by cancelling the married person’s tax rebate and made marriage almost a dirty word. Take a look around the world, countries which bolster the family unit don’t have anything like the problems of countries, such as ours, which started favouring single parents, same sex marriage and the like seem to have all the problems.

We need to encourage marriage, not only to give incentives to couples that marry. If couples decide to get together without marriage, then “Palimoney” where unmarried couples get a share in each other’s wealth, should not be permitted unless children are involved. We must be careful to ensure that children don’t suffer by the creation of these incentives and penalties. Penalties must not be levied on non-marriage couples for not getting married. All penalties must be for bringing children into the world without taking full responsibilities for this fact. The marital status should not be taken into consideration where children are concerned.

That would be a start. However, it is not enough. We need to physically ensure that parents take more responsibility for their children’s actions. For once Cameron has come up with a good idea. Heads of schools have the final say on who gets expelled and parents should not have a right to contest the head’s decision. That should help focus a parent with difficult children. However, there should be more supervised school detentions where the child has to stay on for two or three hours of “playtime” for misbehaving. And, however many hours the child has to do in one calendar month, the parents should be made to do community work for the same number of hours the following month.

Personally I would like caning to be brought back. Not to cane the children, but force the parents to come to the front of their child’s class, and then cane the parents. OK, tongue in cheek here I confess… but it would be fun to watch.



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