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Did you watch the Grand Prix this Sunday?

Lewis Hamilton won the race and is now in front with points for the World Championship.

Here is a young man who has done so much more for race relations in Britain than, for example, Trevor Phillips OBE and the rest of the Intelligenzia!

One thing you can be sure of; McLaren did not give their car to Lewis because they wanted to give a black person a chance. McLaren didn’t give their car to Lewis because he is a nice clean-cut, well-spoken and personable young man. Lewis got his place on the team because of his terrific hard work over at least 15 years of racing. The earliest win I can find was at the age of ten in go-karting when he was the British champion–although he did start racing two years earlier.

Lewis is a true celebrity in as much as he is truly famous, works hard and has been consistent for 15 years at his profession and, in addition, refuses to join the “television celebrity set“. That alone puts him high up my list of true celebrities.

Keep up the good work, Lewis, and help be an ideal figurehead for your brothers and sisters all over these islands who desperately need proof that hard work and diligence really can make a difference.


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I plead guilty Mi’lord

In my younger days I believed what I read in newspapers and what I watched on television. I am referring to the news of course. I never really believed that there was a “Superman“, or “The Incredible Hunk”!

The trouble was, like so many other people, I was busy making a career for myself, marrying the right girl, and although working hard, spent a lot of my after hours time playing hard.

Alas, because I accepted everything, the country is in the state it is today. For this I would like to apologise to all the people in our islands. I plead “Guilty”.

I should have taken more of an interest in politics. But I don’t think that would have been the answer. I should, rather, have taken more of an interest in the welfare of my country. The difference here is, I admit, semantics, but this would have included politics, rather than have been just interested in politics alone.

I should have read the political pages in the newspapers more, and then have questioned what I was being told. I should have joined a discussion group once a week where we could have analysed the newspaper headlines. Then perhaps joined a political group and, with thousands of others, helped build it up.

But I didn’t. I was more interested in my future, rather than my country’s future. Never realising that they are inexplicably linked.

More fool me.

I often see people who have had an upset with their bank manager, so they move banks with all the upheaval that this creates. If I disliked my bank manager, I just changed branches. No upheaval, but that bank manager is out of my hair.

The same with political parties. Lets, for the purpose of this article, just include the two main parties. Those who hate businesses and want to bring people down to a lower common denominator might join the Labour party. Those who would rather raise people’s aspirations to the next plain, and realise that by helping business you create more jobs, might join the Conservative Party.

OK, I can see your thought processes working, you are thinking “He’s a Tory”. But you’d be wrong. Granted if these two parties were my only choice, I would favour Cameron to Brown any day. But let me explain why I used to be a Tory.

My mother was so left wing, she’d be in the left wing of Old Labour. When I was old enough to vote, I sat down and thought about it. I was young and wanted a job, and wanted a choice of jobs, so I decided that a party who favoured business might be the party I should vote for, so I became a Tory voter. I even rose to Chairman in the Young Conservatives. But now must admit to you that it was “Bar Chairman”. We had our own dedicated bar with two draught beers, 8 bottled beers, and masses of aperitifs, spirits and brandies together with a good selection of soft drinks. I ran that bar with a team of six.

I became political in the seventies and never forgave the Conservatives for knowing they were taking us into the forerunners of a political union when they joined the Common Market. Ted Heath, before he died, admitted it on television as, when he was asked by the news anchor if he “knew the Common Market would develop into a Political Union” answered, and these were his exact words, I repeat, his exact words – on television:Of course I bloody did!”. The absolute arrogance of the man.

Margaret Thatcher got the heave because ordinary people didn’t take an interest in their futures and we had one disastrous Conservative leader after another. People still don’t take an interest in their future, and now we have Gordon Brown.

I can’t help thinking that “People get the government they deserve.

Referring to my bank manager story, what I am saying here is, if you had “got involved” right from the beginning, then rather than changing your bank (party) you could campaign to change your branch (leader). So much more important if the party you joined was the party you identified with. How unhappy you would be if you were a Socialist who hated the “nobs” and never wanted to aspire to be one of them, or if you were a Conservative and hated a party who tried to bring everyone down to the lowest level.

We deserve Gordon Brown because, as a nation, we have done nothing about our rulers for decades.

Our NHS is bankrupt, our schools are failing us. The breakdown of the family and the laws disallowing parents and teachers to slap children has led to the masses of feral “animals” who roam our streets. European laws stifle our agriculture, our fisheries, and much of our remaining industry. “Health and Safety” and “Political Correctness” are stifling the Anglo-Saxons ability of independent thought. And I read recently that Gordon Brown as Chancellor has been the cause of an extra 800,000 additional Public Sector jobs since 1997.

No country can succeed if it manufactures jobs. All organisations should be lean. It is only by subscribing to this philosophy that our country can grow rich enough to provide “real jobs” for everyone.

So my Rant, and rather rambling message here is, I hope, still very clear. If you don’t put something into this country, you will get less and less out of it. I have little sympathy for a pensioner who complains about the value of his pension, if he has not done his “bit” to get the government he thinks he deserves. I am a pensioner (68) and do deserve more as I have spent a lot of my time trying to make changes.

But alas there were so few of us out there.


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