Did you watch the Grand Prix this Sunday?

Lewis Hamilton won the race and is now in front with points for the World Championship.

Here is a young man who has done so much more for race relations in Britain than, for example, Trevor Phillips OBE and the rest of the Intelligenzia!

One thing you can be sure of; McLaren did not give their car to Lewis because they wanted to give a black person a chance. McLaren didn’t give their car to Lewis because he is a nice clean-cut, well-spoken and personable young man. Lewis got his place on the team because of his terrific hard work over at least 15 years of racing. The earliest win I can find was at the age of ten in go-karting when he was the British champion–although he did start racing two years earlier.

Lewis is a true celebrity in as much as he is truly famous, works hard and has been consistent for 15 years at his profession and, in addition, refuses to join the “television celebrity set“. That alone puts him high up my list of true celebrities.

Keep up the good work, Lewis, and help be an ideal figurehead for your brothers and sisters all over these islands who desperately need proof that hard work and diligence really can make a difference.


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