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Keep it simple, stupid (K.I.S.S.)

I want to tell you a story about Network Marketing. It is not really what this blog is about, but it helps to illustrate the point I will be making afterwards. First of all, I will tell you that I am not involved in any way with Network Marketing and wouldn’t be in any way!

Network Marketing originated in Japan and I believe became successful enough to have people selling cars this way. The Americans took it to heart but they had good sense in that they understood the principles behind it. Something the Brits never did.

The Americans would come in at the lowest level and be happy being an agent for their distributor. They would potter around at weekends making the odd sale here and there. As their reputation spread and their friends introduced our agent to others, he made more contacts, made more friends and sold more products. After a year or so, he would ask if some of his customers would be interested in doing the same. He would keep everything simple, and after a while would have four or five people working for him. His sales would increase and he would become a distributor. It would have cost him nothing, and he would not have ended up with a garage of unsold, and more important, unsaleable stock.

In Britain, we did things differently. We didn’t want others to make money out of us (a British trait) so bought a garage full of stock so we could be a boss all at once. Selling to householders was beneath us, so we told tall stories of how much we were earning, to get others to buy in as distributors, thus pushing us up the line. We also made the whole routine more complex as our egos wouldn’t allow us to be in something so simple.

So Network Marketing got, in this country, a justifiably bad name. And the unfair claim that it was immoral. The top man sold his stock to a middleman, who sold the stock to a distributor, who sold the stock to a dealer. That’s how business works, dammit! In the ordinary business world, the manufacturer sells his stock to a distributor, who sells it down to the wholesaler, who then sells it to the shop. If there is a difference here, I must be missing something.

Meanwhile, back to the Americans. Yes, Network Marketing is still alive and well in the USA and I personally know two families involved with it. One whose father started it when he was 25, left work and made it full time at 33 and by the time he was in his early forties he retired, and he and his wife moved to the west coast and left his children running the show. He is in his seventies now and still gets a share of commission from the huge business he built up.

The other is in his sixties, but loved his work so ran this as a sideline for most of his life, but has never wanted for anything although he is nowhere as rich as the first guy.

But we can’t do this in the UK so don’t try!

Long intro, short theme…

My beef here is, why do we British try and make sure we make things so difficult. Take Income Tax. If we abolished it and put the money on purchases, what would happen. We would get rid of thousands of government employees and force them out into the real world at a stroke. Save a fortunate on their index linked pensions, wipe out the black market and tax evasion, and people would end up saving more which – in the longer term – would benefit our country more. Simple, but too simple, we must complicate the system or we can’t justify our massive egos.

If I said to you, pay me £50 a week and I will protect your home from vandals. You would go screaming to the police. But why? What am I doing that the government is doing to you through Income Tax? If you don’t pay me I will smash your windows. If you don’t pay the government you will go to prison. If there is a difference here once again, I must be missing something!

But I am just giving an example here. I am not necessarily advocating abolishing Income Tax. What I am saying is, let’s remember the old Marketing saying, K.I.S.S. And use it more often in all walks of life. K.I.S.S. Stands for “Keep it simple, stupid”. The stupid is you for making life so complicated.

Use this word. Every time you are arranging something, say to yourself three times “Kiss, kiss, kiss” and try and do whatever you are doing in a more simple way.

Life will become much easier for you.


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