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Is Linux expanding?

And if so, what can the reasons be for it?

If you look at the world, and how Linux has spread just in the last three years, you will find it is growing exponentially. Ubuntu alone has over 9,000,000 installations around the world. A lot of them in Asia and Africa. A small figure but not bad, considering that nowadays they are battling against well established Windows and OS X. Then there are all the other distros (distributions of Linux) of which Red Hat is even more popular than Ubantu.

Oil prices are increasing, US expenditure (on their 702 military bases in 130 countries) including their battles in Iraq and Iran are costing a trillion dollars a year. The dollar is diminishing as it is not based on anything solid – and their Government (and ours) are printing money, almost daily, to fuel supply. What will this all mean?

It could well mean that people will have to start cutting costs, not just in their computer software but in all walks of life. As I mentioned above, Britain is following the same path and I have already started to move my savings into Gold as have many Americans. The US Government are trying to bring in legislation to stop people doing this so this British based business will be banned for Americans quite soon.

When I say things like: I think Linux is getting more popular, I am thinking of every aspect. As you know we, and the Americans, are pretty much hated around the world. This is one reason why a lot of third world countries are taking up Linux rather than Microsoft or Apple as their operating system. The European governments also, I have heard, fear the American government may have forced Microsoft to introduce code that may eventually turn out harmful to them. We already know that our computers send Microsoft information about our computer operations on a daily basis.

Although a lot more Ubuntu Linux distributions are downloaded than this figure, Canonical estimates there are approximately 9,000,000 users of Ubuntu and its derivatives around the world. And growing with each release.

Microsoft has also caught a bit of a cold with Windows 6 (Vista) and recently they announced they were bringing the launch of Windows 7 forward a year. And some say their announcement of increasing the life of the home edition of XP is because they don’t want to lose customers to Linux. I didn’t believe this at first but began to wonder when they persuaded the OLPC organisation (one laptop per child) to add Windows to their portable PC to co-exist with Linux. There would be no reason why OPLC would have accepted this if Windows wasn’t given them supplies totally free.

Linux has grown enormously in the last three years, and the growth of the Indian and Chinese economies are really expanding. MS and Apple are produced in countries that are not liked or respected and, in addition, these are people who like to wheel and deal and love a bargain. “Free” is a bargain, if it works – and as I said – Linux is getting better every day.

I take a keen interest in world politics and world economics and it is because of this that I think Linux will come into its own within five to ten years. Those who understand the Bell curve in marketing will have realised that the present users are part of the “15% early adopters”. There is a simplified version on this website.


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