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Al Qaeda

We learned recently that their number two leader was killed in Iraq. Well, allow me to correct that.

Al Qaeda’s number two, at that moment in time, was killed in Iraq. Within minutes there would have been a new number two. We may, from time to time, have our hollow little victories, but for each terrorist in the middle east we kill, ten, a hundred or even a thousand more will join.

Our attempt of forcing our way of life upon a people who are not really interested in us, or our way of life, has been doomed to failure from the start. President Bush and Tony Blair have been proved, in Arab eyes, to be dishonourable men (weapons of mass destruction). This has fuelled all the suicide bombing recruits, and there is a never ending line waiting for their seventy-two virgins. (Could there be men amongst them, I ponder?)

One of my favourite ‘one liners’ is: “If we weren’t over there bombing them, perhaps they wouldn’t be over here bombing us?” We are occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and bombing and killing the inhabitants. We are also providing the framework for their inhabitants to bomb and kill each other. For what? Democracy? I don’t think so. In Iraq’s case, it is oil, there can be no doubt about that.

Those who have seen my earlier blogs may recall my favourite Latin phrase… “Cui Bono?” or “who benefits?”. It isn’t the Muslims. So who is benefiting? Well, there is the “arms industry” that’s for sure. And, of course, the politicians as they are seen to be extra important in times of battle, and whether some of them actually get kick-backs from the arms manufacturers will probable never be fully known.

There is another Latin phrase which goes with Cui Bono. This is “Cui Malo?” which means “who suffers a detriment?” OK, who is suffering, apart, of course, from the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghanistanis? Well, there are our citizens, frightened of going too near very crowded places in case of attack by a suicide bomber, there are the police forces, seriously depleted because their top officers have been taken to fight “terrorist” crime, There are Americans and Brits travelling around the world, finding themselves unloved. Then we have our government politicians, who together with the Lords of Industry, Newspaper Barons, and other “important” people who want to keep the rank and file, just that, a rank and file! They now have new weapons to use against us. Such as security: more passes, the introduction of ID Cards. Travelled anywhere by air recently?

You have already read my comments on money laundering and how this does not affect the real money launderers, just us when we want to change banks. Suggested, no doubt by the bank chiefs! And, of course, we’ll never win the “European Song Contest” again.


PS You really will understand more about what goes around you if you use the expressions “cui bono” and “cui malo” with just about everything you hear that the politicians are advocating!

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