Who should you vote for?

Having observed the Conservatives in a long term of power between 1979 and 1994 and Labour between 1994 and what will probably be 2010, I think what is more important than whether you swing to the left or right, is that you make sure the parties only each serve one term.

Fifteen years is too long for any party to be in power consecutively.

The Right’s “Margaret Thatcher” did what they wanted – at first – but after a while it became a disaster. The Left’s “Tony Blair” did what they wanted and after his first term it was also a disaster. Both these very able people became jaded towards the end of their time which doesn’t help the citizens of our islands. Actually, I shouldn’t use that phrase as I keep forgetting that Eire is in the British Isles!

The results at the recent “Crewe and Nantwich” bye-election has shown that people are not necessarily still prepared to vote as they have always done in the past. Perhaps the die-hards are getting too old and are dying off. A horrible thing to say but in my opinion, the more “floating” voters we have the better.

My reasoning here is that if we all decide to always vote for the party in opposition, we will never have one party in long enough to ruin the country. Bearing in mind that, nowadays, there is not that much difference between the two, rather than waste time voting for the smaller parties, which we all seem rather loathe to do (myself excluded as I have been the Head Office manager for UKIP and an NEC executive for Veritas in the past). I think that, by voting for the main party in opposition, we will ensure that whilst everything continues, a different set of politicians get in and won’t be in long enough to start milking the system too much at our expense! And we won’t end up with things that are bad being impossible to alter.

Think about it.

And of course, we know the present system of fifteen years are not working in any way, whatever the party.


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