It won’t happen in the future.

This almost an extension of my 2:22pm blog.

I was reading a newspaper report about yet another cock-up by the government and it reported that last night a Treasury spokesman (nice to see the newspapers are not always politically correct) said it regretted the latest incident.

He Said: “We are extremely concerned about what has happened and will be taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future”.

This can be interpreted as follows: “The public are so gullible, they can be fobbed off with anything – just issue one of the standard platitudes”.

My two questions to you, dear reader are: Are you one of the gullible public who will be easily fobbed off with this type of platitude? And: If you are not, are you going to take any further action?

These are rhetorical questions, I don’t expect you to answer me. But it would be nice if you could think about it.

Your first question may be: “What can I do about it?”

I know times are hard, but can you afford a second class postage stamp and have you the time to write a letter? Even if you are on the Internet, a physical letter has far more impact on a politician.

If enough people write and tell them that this “standard platitude” is not enough and, who is going to get fired, who is going to get reprimanded, and who is going to get some of their pay docked?

It may not get much visible action from the person you write to but it sure as hell will put the fear of God into them.

If you are on the internet, collect the required politician’s email address, the one who is the minister of that department. Normally this will be [Surname][First Initial] Write to him saying you have sent a letter through the post to [Name][Department] and that you would appreciate if he would ensure you receive a reply. You could send a copy of the letter, but if so, it would be better to put it in-line after your signature, rather than as an attachment. Believe me, he won’t bother to open it as an attachment.

Remember, you get the government you deserve. If you don’t try and guide them on a course that you would like them to take, then they will steer themselves on the course that they want to take!

Of course it won’t make a difference if only you write, but if all of you write, and pass this particular blog on to all your friends and contacts, then this could start to make a difference.

Do it now!

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