A good guru teaches himself out of a pupil

A dictionary term for guru is (g[=oo]”r[=oo]) one who has expert knowledge of a technical or moral area and serves as an advisor to others; an expert and teacher.

The key word here is teacher. Gurus are good for you if they are wise and have something useful to impart. But if they are really good, once you have learned their teachings, you will “grow out” of them, and move on.

A decade or so ago I had the good fortune to have been given a £500 ticket from one of my clients to attend a Tony Robinson weekend at the Alexandra Palace. It was an eye-opening weekend and I learned a lot which I have subsequently used to my benefit in life.

One thing I noticed was his helpers. They help with all the organising and, as far as I am aware, don’t get paid, but do get in to the sessions free of charge. I found this sad as once I had learned a lot of what Mr Robbins taught, I moved on.

Moving on is something a lot of people feel difficult to accomplish. Life goes on, life moves on, and so should we move on. I guess this all boils down to the inability of many people to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Sir Richard Bransom doesn’t remain in his comfort zone and how far do you think Peter Cruddas, the richest man in the city pushes his box? He has come a long way from roaming the mean streets of the East End with a Smithfield porter as his dad!

If you work in a box, come home, put your feet up and watch the box, and do little else, then you deserve the misery you get. I know this is what you do as otherwise, I’d be reading about you in the newspapers and magazines, and perhaps see you occasionally on the box.

In case you haven’t guessed, the objective of my blog here revolves around the phrase, “move on”. Don’t stand still, get involved, plan for success, do something, or you will end up in a box sooner than your allotted time!


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