You are a slave, but you don’t know it.

A hair-raising video that, in the end, explains a lot of what many of us have suspected for a long time. At the end of this video are a list of up to a hundred websites where you can research what has been said, for yourself.

In the Talismanic Idol website, their opening paragraph reads:

“Talismanic Idols is a compilation of information from leading researchers, Lawyers, Scholars, Doctors, Scientists, and professionals in relative fields which influence all of humanity and the reality we perceive. It is likely that everyone has reached the point somewhere in their lives where they feel something is missing or seriously wrong in the world.

It is a long video, well over an hour, but I honestly think everyone should read it. If you are an intelligent person, you will have suspected much of what is said already. The earlier conclusions make a lot of sense. The final truth of how these wicked people who manipulate wars, and terror (terror on their citizens) may be defeated is so true. However, we do need to verify for ourselves the truth of the video. Whilst it is not enough to say you discount it, it is also not enough to say you believe it all. You have research it yourself. All thoughts and facts put out as the truth needs verification, even if they emanate from your priest, your government, or your teacher.

Watch it when you have a couple of hours spare. Ignore it at your peril. Discount it without researching its premise will cause you untold pain in the end.


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