James McGrath

The Daily Telegraph wrote: “The Conservative leader agreed with Mr Johnson that James McGrath, a senior adviser to the mayor and previously to the Tory Party, was not racist but said his comments were a lapse of judgement.

I have to admit I fully agree with what he meant. If any section of the public are not happy living in England, I echo the sentiment “If they don’t like it here, let them go somewhere else”.

However, I don’t restrict this to black Caribbean people, or even black people. And what is more important, even foreigners. If English people aren’t happy with democracy and abiding by the will of the people, I wish they would leave, even if they are the same colour as I am and the same nationality that I am.

All are welcome as long as they become British, accept our way of life, and take part in it and become part of the greater community. I do not subscribe to our political masters using mass immigration to break up what is termed “The British way of life.”

The Times, last September (2007) says “Even Trevor Phillips has now spoken of sleepwalking to segregation and even his own outfit, the Commission for Racial Equality (soon to become the Commission for Equality and Human Rights), published a grim and angry report last week about a “fracturing” society, growing ethnic segregation and growing extremism. “

You, dear reader, are possibly a little to blame as Plato once wrote: “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Think about it, voting is not enough. You need to take an interest in the world around you.


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