Why I won’t be tested!

I have just read an article stating: “A quarter of the adult population faces an “anti-paedophile” test in an escalation of child protection policies, according to a report.“

This report is terrifying and should be read here in its entirety.

The article mentions that schools are already banning people who haven’t had a CRB report. The following cases were made in the report to illustrate its findings:

In one example, a woman could not kiss her daughter goodbye on a school trip because she had not been vetted.

In another, a mother was surprised to be told by another parent that she and her husband were “CRB checked” when their children played together.

In a third example, a father was given “filthy looks” by a group of mothers when he took his child swimming on his own in “a scene from a Western when the room goes silent and tumbleweed blows across the foreground”.

Prof Furedi details how one woman was made to feel like a “second class mother” because she was barred from a school disco because she did not have a CRB check.

So there is no way I am going to submit to a CRB check or an “anti-paedophile” test. If this means that I will not be allowed to be around children, then, hooray! It also means that children won’t be allowed around me.

It’s not that I hate children, I don’t. But a large amount of parents nowadays have no control over their children . Many of them shove money at them and tend to allow them to do whatever they want, whilst entertaining, going out to clubs and pubs, and generally having a good time. With parenting comes responsibility. So, because of this, I always steer well clear of the little… errr… children.

I have never had children (to the best of my knowledge) and this has been by design rather than medical reasons. My brother-in-law had two children, a boy and a girl, and I watched them growing up. I did enjoy this experience, but fortunately only ever saw them on Christmas days. It was enough for me. But I repeat, I enjoyed and wouldn’t have missed the experience – as long as it wasn’t more than one day a year.

When I was in my late teens I remember a heavy dating session with a girl of my own age. It was awful and after that, I always picked older girls – over twenty-five. And apart from that one experience, I have never, ever, from the age of eighteen to my wedding day (over thirty years ago) been out with a girl under twenty-five.

I am happily married but do enjoy meeting people of both sexes for conversation, but even so, tend to stay well clear of the young unless they have had a good parental upbringing or have matured.


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