Google Apps are all free!

I know I write quite a bit about Google applications but it is not just useful for small companies. Taylor Woodrow now uses Google Apps for 1,800 of their staff, worldwide as it allows them to access everything no matter where they happen to be in the world.

And now 3000 companies are moving over to Google Apps each day. That is some growth rate!

Taylor Woodrow staff now have access to email, documents, spreadsheets, and all the other applications that come with Google Apps whilst travelling to the four corners of the world.”

Their employees can now contact colleagues from wherever they are working. Mobility, speed of roll-out, and the lack of a physical infrastructure means that great savings can be made. In addition, when advances are made to software, the roll-out to all users is instantaneous.

Taylor Woodrow say they believe they are saving around a million pounds on infrastructure and support costs. Everything is hosted and managed by Google thus removing the need to install any software or hardware.

So, dear reader, if Taylor Woodrow is moving over, and 3,000 companies from one man businesses upwards are moving over, isn’t it time for you to take a serious look at all the Google Applications?


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